Académie & Studio Beauté Jt
is a company born of a young entrepreneur
who offers several specialized services as well as training connect to lashes.


Studio Beauté JT aims to provide personalized care for each client. Studio Beauté JT ensures to be at the forefront by following several trainings and refinements. Now you can take trainings with us, you're sure to get the essential support and follow-up to your success and all the necessary tools to start your new service in full confidence.

Our Story

Young people always ask us what we would like to do later... I did not know yet what I would do, but I knew that someday I would do as my dad; be my own "boss" 

I went to college because when you say you want to do a professionnal course you often get judged in high school by our teachers; huh!?! Don't you want to go to college or University? So in the face of judgments, we take part of a program that does not interest us at all... 

I then started some courses in aesthetics, I tried to change domain to have a job more "stable" that everyone told me... 

By trying something else, I quickly understood all the love I had for my work. The passion, the flame that burns from within when I was doing aesthetic care. 

That's what brought me all the passion I have in life. I want to remind you that it is important to do something that you like and let all the judging aside... 

I share this message to remind you that when you come to see me, you don't for only a service, you come to share a passion with me and you allow me to live this passion every day. ❣️


Académie Beauté JT





Eyelash extensions

Eyelash enhancement

Dental jewellery


Ear piercing


Beauty of the feet



{Because one day I decided to follow my dreams.}