Eyelash extensions Russian Volume training

Russian Volume

The Académie Beauté JT aims to provide up-to-date training and shows you all the latest techniques available on the world market. My goal: your success! By following a training with me, you are sure to get a follow-up and essential support for your success even after training.

I am qualified and I present an impressive baggage of experience and know-how (since 2010) in order to convey to you the maximum possible knowledge. When you choose the Académie Beauté JT, you choose to become the best of the best!

Russian VOLUME training is given on 1 day and requires a 4 months prior experience in the extension of classic eyelashes (lash to lash).

Day 1 (9am to 5pm)

the kit


• What is the Russian volume

• For whom

• Russian volume technique

• Analysis of fans

• How to paste the fans

• The different style of Russian volume

• Safety

• Hygiene and asepsis

• Equipment required

• The steps of a set

• How to fill

• How to remove Eyelash extension

• Communication tools

• Health questionnaire

• Practice how to make a fans

Practical on a fake model:

• Mount the client folder

• Review the health questionnaire

• Reusable VS disposable materials

• <Mapping> practice 

• Creation of beautiful bouquets

• Deposit the bouquets well

• Remove a bouquet with the clamp

• Remove the extensions with the gel

• Care with Eyelash extensions




(Practice on real model)

• Mount the workspace

• Mount the client folder
• Review the health questionnaire

• Make the photos before

• Make a complete set

• Assessment of your Eyelash pose

• Make the photos after

• Review the evaluation

• Make photo editing before/after

The kit is included in the price of the training, here is what it contains:

• Transport box

• 1 volume tweezer

• 1 curved tweezer

• 1 Extension box 0.07 8mm C

• 1 Extension box 0.07 9mm C

• 1 Extension box 0.07 10MM C

• 1 Extension box 0.07 11mm C 

• 1 Extension box 0.07 12mm C

• 1 glue

• 2 practice sponges

• 1 sponge for cleaning glue

• 1 pallet for extensions

• 25 care cards

• 1 poster

• 1 training manual



Training rate $550 + tx CAN