My presentation!

 Julie Tardif, owner of the Academy and the Studio Beauté JT,

I welcome you in a quiet and relaxing environment.

Graduated from epilation processes, various aesthetic treatments, Eyelash extension, dental jewellery since 2010, manucre and ear piercing since 2011 and since may 2016 tooth whitening.

I am passionate about beauty and I am convinced that every woman should feel beautiful. I am attentive to your needs and decide with you what is best for you. 

I am constantly at the pouring of novelties and tandances, I go to all the aesthetic congresses that have places in Montreal every spring and autumn. I also assure to be updated on the different traitements.

I use top quality products and made in a laboratory in quebec. The products I use for you are also the ones I use for me!

12 reasons to choose me:

1-my experience as well as My diplomas (almost 10 years)

2-my many refinements

3-the choice of my products (medical grade)

4-my presence in the congresses

5-my continued follow-up on the latest news

6-my passion for my work

7-my creativity

8-making my clients always satisfied

9-perfectionist, meticulous, professionalism and dynamist

10-my follow-up with you as a result of your appointments

11-my participation in the global lash-laying competition (2017-2018-2019-2020)

12-My nomination as I am one of the 10 best Eyelash extension technicians in Canada (2019)

Camille Ponton,
Marketing Director (graphic Designer)

Camille is a graphic designer for 10 years. She knows how to understand the needs of the client, is attentive. She understood what Julie (founder) had in mind when creating the branding (logo, leaflet, label, flyer, newsletter and more).

Fany Filion,
Formator in Sherbrook

Eyelash extensions technician for 4 and a half years, very passionate about this job. It is specialized to offer each client, a unique pose, adapted to his eyes!

She is also distributor for the academy Beauty JT.





I confirm two days in advance giving you the time and address. If you ever have an unforeseen, please contact me as soon as possible. Delays of more than 15 minutes without being warned, will be refused and another appointment will have to be taken with a deposit.

I have a very tight schedule and I can't afford to be late. If my next client is on time, it's not up to her to bail out for your delay. If you decide not to present yourself to your appointment without notifying me and without realizing the repercussions on my day or the refusal I have to do to another serious client who wanted the same time, To bad no more appointments will be given to you.

For appointments for a manucure, if you already have something on your nails, Please tell me to schedule the time to remove them, a supplement will be charged to you.